Modify your project POM to look something like this:

<project ...>
            The following configuration parameters are allowed:

              sourceDir (optional)
                Directory of the source tree where generated code is written to.

              className (optional)
                Name of the generated Java class.

              attributes (mandatory)
                A set of attribute definitions which will be used to
                configure your application.
              Add attributes here. An attribute may have the following

               name (mandatory)
                 the name of the attribute.

               type (mandatory)
                 the attribute type. Should be one of: boolean, int, long,
                 float, double, String.

               required (default: false)
                 flag to indicate whether or not the attribute is required
                 to configure your application.

               description (optional)
                 a free-text description of the attribute.
              <description>Explains the attribute.</description>
      <name>QXS Plugin Repository</name>

Change the configuration according to your needs. Next, generate the configuration class by issueing the following command:

mvn generate-sources

Note that there is usually no need for calling the generate-sources target explicitly, because it is implied by compile. Check out your new configuration class. It contains get and set methods for each attribute, and also some utility methods:

  • load(MapString,String): loads the configuration values from a Map object.
  • load(Reader): loads the configuration from a Properties file.
  • validate(): checks whether the configuration is valid.